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Whistleblower Protection Archives

Wells Fargo to pay $577,500 to fired fake-account whistleblower

There has been a major development in the case of Wells Fargo and the harsh incentives it allegedly put in place to encourage its private bankers to open fraudulent accounts. A former branch manager in Pomona, California, was fired after she brought forward concerns about conduct that she reasonably believed constituted mail, wire and bank fraud to her superiors.

Supreme Court to rule on how Dodd-Frank affects whistleblowers

The U.S. Supreme Court recently announced that it will review the application of the Dodd-Frank Act to whistleblowing activity in the financial sector. The vice president of a San Francisco-based company was fired when he told senior management at his firm that his supervisor had apparently done away with some internal controls, which violated securities law.

What exactly is a Qui Tam lawsuit?

If you've become concerned that your employer or a coworker is committing Medicaid or Medicare fraud, you may have done online research and come across the term "Qui Tam." Many times, employees discover cases of fraud are handled internally by Qui Tam lawsuits. In these cases, a whistleblower, such as yourself, who has noticed billing fraud, takes legal steps to put an end to the fraudulent practices. Unless your company offers a confidential whistleblower line to report these kinds of fraud, you may not have any options for handling it within the business.

Whistleblowers, don't blow your chance for restitution

Throughout your life, you likely had individuals tell you to report any wrongdoing you may have witnessed. As you got older, you may have found this action more difficult, as certain circumstances made you question whether you should make someone else's actions known. However, when it comes to an employer carrying out unlawful practices, filing a claim may help correct wrongs that could hurt many individuals and entities.

'Whistleblower' shouldn't be a scary term

In the past and the present, the term "whistleblower" has had quite a few negative connotations. This seems to be due to the fact that employees are fearful that reporting their employer for illicit conduct may result in disciplinary action or even termination.

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