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How can you prevent Medicare fraud?

If you are on Medicare, it is probably because you need help with your medical expenses. And while you may find the benefits of the program necessary, unfortunately, some Americans try to use federally-funded health care to fraudulently provide for their individual interests.

Since Medicare fraud is expensive and contributes to increased taxes and overall health care costs, it is important to prevent the abuse of the system. But are you familiar with the ways you can reduce Medicare fraud?

Three things you can do

You might look for the best in others and trust that your providers will bill Medicare correctly for the services you receive.

However, health care fraud is problematic throughout the United States. And it is important to be aware of anything that may not seem right.

When you receive Medicare:

  • Raise your level of suspicion. Among other things, providers, suppliers and facilities should not bill for treatments or services you did not receive, promise anything for free or encourage the purchase of medical equipment you do not need.
  • Review your claims. Keeping track of the services you receive, and the dates on which your appointments took place, can help you double check your statements for accuracy. And by holding onto your receipts for equipment, you can verify that your charges are correct.
  • Communicate your concerns. You can report suspected fraud online or by phone. And if handled correctly, a report of Medicare fraud may result in financial compensation.

If you work in the health care industry, federal laws protect you from retaliatory actions when you file a report against your employer. And although your suspicions may be incorrect, you might agree that it is better to speak up about potential wrongdoings than to remain silent and allow people to take advantage of a system on which so many people rely.

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