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Qui Tam Cases Archives

SEC issues $2.2 mln whistleblower award under 'safe harbor' rule

Under the Securities and Exchange Commission's "safe harbor" rule, securities law whistleblowers can receive awards even if they submit their information to another agency, as long as they submit it to the SEC within 120 days. When they do so, the SEC will treat the information as if it had been submitted properly in the first place.

Takata whistleblowers to get $1.7 million from bankruptcy fund

The Motor Vehicle Safety Whistleblower Act may not be completely up to speed, but three former Takata employees will still get their awards. They blew the whistle on the auto parts manufacturer in the largest recall in automotive history. The recall involves faulty air bag inflators installed by 19 automakers into millions of vehicles.

False healthcare claims could be worth $4 billion in damages

When we think of fraud we often think of fraud and enforcement, we often think of federal laws and agencies. However, a new health care fraud whistleblower case that is making headlines in New York City is being pursued under state law. What does the case entail and how is state law working in this case?

Coming forward with a qui tam action could land you an award

In some cases, doing the right thing can put you in an awkward position. Situations that could severely impact your employment may make you second guess whether you should report the wrongdoing you have noticed. However, not providing information could potentially put you in a more difficult situation later on. As a result, you may have to make a stressful decision as to how you want to handle the predicament.

Taking the risk of following your conscience

In New York and across the country, almost half of workers surveyed say they are aware of illegal or unethical practices in the workplace. You may be part of that group. In addition, you may belong to the 46 percent who keep their mouths shut because you are afraid someone at work will retaliate against you. You may fear for your job or even your personal safety if you question or report wrongdoing.

Four remedies for whistleblowers who suffer retaliation

Coming to the realization that an employer is engaged in wrongdoing is a difficult position for any employee. Employees in various professions have found themselves in this situation, but those who are working for the government may be particularly concerned about their own well-being if they call out their employer for violating the law.

Will qui tam lawsuits continue under President Trump?

There has been some concern that with the election of pro-business Donald J. Trump, False Claims Act cases might dwindle. A Nov. 28 report from the National Law Review dismisses that likelihood. Nevertheless, the report does see change on the horizon.

What makes a whistleblower?

There is some misunderstanding about what defines a whistleblower. When Edward Snowdon went public with millions of pages of NSA documents, he claimed the title of whistleblower - a claim which many others attacked. He wasn't a whistleblower, they said - he was a spy. Some felt he deserved a Nobel peace prize; others saw him as a traitor.

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