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Veterans Affairs whistleblowers subject to retaliation

When an employee sees something amiss at work, there shouldn't be a reason to stop them from doing something to resolve the issue. Fear of losing work or facing ridicule and mistreatment prevents some employees from speaking up even though they should expect protection for doing so.

Virtue of patience is vital for whistleblowers

As a concept, whistleblowing is a two-edged sword. Sometimes, both edges are positive. This is perhaps most clear on a field of play under the control of referees. On one hand, when an official blows the whistle, one side or the other faces penalties for breaking the rules. On the other, the whistle stops the action, preventing unnecessary injury to players.

Broader appeal routes open for federal whistleblower claimants

Sports teams put a lot of stock in the concept of the home-field advantage. One can argue whether there is any truth to it. Many observers suggest that any edge provided is mainly psychological. Regardless, the topic seems to be a significant point of any contest conversation

Whistleblower's act brings $550,000 patient dumping settlement

Officials from Los Angeles County recently announced a settlement with Silver Lake Medical Center, a psychiatric hospital in that city, over allegations that the hospital improperly discharged homeless psychiatric patients to avoid the cost of treating them.

SEC: 3 Whistleblowers receive record total rewards of $83 million

The Securities and Exchange Commission has just announced three record-setting rewards for whistleblowers under the Dodd-Frank Act. Two of the whistleblowers will share an award of nearly $50 million, while a third will receive over $33 million. The SEC says that the previous record was a 2014 award of $30 million.

Did Wells Fargo close fraud victims' accounts to save money?

Whenever a customer or bank notices signs of fraud on the customer's account, the bank is required by law to perform an investigation. It must determine whether criminal activity has occurred and whether the customer was involved. When the customer is involved, the bank immediately closes the account. When the customer is an innocent victim, the bank typically offers at least some assistance in retrieving the stolen money.


New York, March 7, 2018: The United States Attorney for the Eastern District of NewYork and the Attorney General for the State of New York settled a Federal and New York StateFalse Claims Act qui tam action, brought by Andrea Fischer and handled by Andrea Fischer andAudrey Schechter of Fischer Legal Group, on behalf of its client whistleblower, against Freed,Kleinberg, Nussbaum, Festa & Kronberg M.D. LLP; Arnold W. Scherz, M.D.; MitchellKleinberg, M.D.; Michael Nussbaum, M.D.; Robert Festa, M.D.; and Jason Kronberg, D.O.The suit, 14-CV-3943, was filed in 2014 by Andrea Fischer in the United States DistrictCourt for the Eastern District of New York and was ably and successfully pursued by the UnitedStates Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York and the New York State AttorneyGeneral's office.The suit alleged that Defendants, in contravention of Medicaid regulations, did not enrollmany of their employee-providers who treated Medicaid patients, in the Medicaid program.Defendants then billed Medicaid for services provided by these unenrolled employee-providers,under their own provider numbers. 

SCOTUS: Dodd-Frank whistleblowers must alert SEC for protection

When the average worker blows the whistle on unethical or illegal behavior by their employer, retaliation is a real concern. There are a number of laws that make retaliation against a whistleblower illegal. When someone makes a good faith complaint about discrimination, for example, their employer is prohibited from retaliating in any way. This is the case whether the person raised their concerns directly with the employer or filed a complaint with the government.

Supreme Court: Do Dodd-Frank whistleblowers have to go to SEC?

In most cases, whistleblowers have legal protections against retaliation. If you exercise your legal rights at work in good faith, for example, there are laws that prohibit your employer from firing you or taking other adverse job actions against you. If you report that your company is engaged in fraud against the government, you are not only protected from retaliation but also may claim a percentage of the recovered money as a reward. You should work with an experienced lawyer to ensure your rights are protected, but the law is on your side.

New protections for VA whistleblowers

President Trump has signed into law legislation that strengthens whistleblower protections at the VA. The legislation is called the Dr. Chris Kirkpatrick Whistleblower Protection, named after a 38-year-old Wisconsin psychologist who was fired (and then committed suicide) after having revealed that the Tomah VA facility had been overprescribing opioid medications to veterans.

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