Whistleblowing – How It Works, Why We Need It
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Whistleblowing – How It Works, Why We Need It

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2018 | Medicare/Medicaid Fraud

Who are the most popular fraud targets? The U.S. and state governments. Why? Governments cannot possibly police each of their millions of transactions. But beware you Medicare false claimers, overcharging defense contractors, sales tax skimmers, and bill-padding construction contractors. An explosively growing army of honest employees await to blow the whistle on those illegally slicing your tax dollars into their own pockets.

Host Bart Jackson invites noted qui tam (whistleblowing) super-attorney Andrea Fischer to reveal how upright citizens with an aggressive judiciary are bringing cheating firms to justice. Founder of the Fischer Legal Group, Andrea cites specific cases, describes the whistleblowing process and the retaliation protections. Tune in and learn about those valued individuals who refuse to tolerate corruption in our democracy.