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Understanding New York State False Claims Act Cases

Qui tam cases can be filed in state or federal court, depending on the circumstances and the laws that apply to each case. New York State has its own laws governing fraud cases. The New York State False Claims Act enables individuals who have evidence of fraud against the state or its agencies, counties or their agencies, cities or their agencies, or school districts in the state to file a claim. The New York State False Claims Act is part of an effort to stem the corruption that has robbed taxpayers over the years. Because of the state’s responsibility to guard against fraud, the state may award three times the dollar amount of fraud in the case.

Unlike most states and the Federal False Claims Act, New York also allows for recovery for tax fraud committed against the state. This includes income tax, employee withholding, and sales tax. Fischer Legal Group attorneys have been on the forefront of tax recoveries under the New York State False Claims Act.

If you are considering blowing the whistle on fraud occurring at the state level in New York, contact the Fischer Legal Group, with offices in New York City. We can help you navigate the complex litigation that accompanies this type of claim and address all the concerns you may have about your case.

Rewards and Retaliation in New York FCA Situations

In addition to awarding substantial sums to whistleblowers, the law protects them from being retaliated against by employers. The lawyers at Fischer Legal Group represent clients in whistleblower retaliation cases occurring in New York. The Fischer Legal Group is not a giant law firm, but it has established itself as a powerful agent for righting wrongs against the state and its citizens and rewarding individuals who cry foul at criminal actions. We understand the stress and anxiety that accompanies these situations. Our goal is to win the case for you, to negotiate the most generous outcome possible and to alleviate the misery that conscientious employees can find themselves in.

The state law does not apply to acts of fraud against the federal government. For that, you must file in federal court. Our experienced attorneys can help with either kind of claim.

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