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What are the requirements for a qui tam suit?

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2024 | False Claims Act, Qui Tam Cases

Fraud against government agencies may not seem harmful, but it can significantly impact vulnerable victims. If left unaddressed, these incidents can affect taxpayers and the public, making them prone to financial burdens when resources are insufficient to cover their needs. Fortunately, the law has provisions empowering any average citizen to take legal action against this type of fraud.

When someone blows the whistle on fraudulent activities targeting government services, they can receive legal protection under the False Claims Act. This law can also help them file the necessary suit to address the incident and hold offenders accountable. But to file a valid qui tam suit, it should meet specific requirements, including the following:

  • A civil complaint filed and sealed with the court
  • Service with the complaint’s copy and required disclosures, expressing how the supporting information or evidence can establish the complaint’s soundness and details

Still, these requirements are usually part of the process’s initial stages. After filing the suit, the government can review the case and determine if it will take over. Without intervention, the filing party can proceed with litigation on their own. The steps related to this process and the associated timelines can vary, usually changing based on the case details and the surrounding circumstances.

Knowing how qui tam suits work

Knowing how to file a qui tam suit properly could be vital. It is crucial to consider deadlines and other requirements to preserve its validity, which can lead to complications during the process. To address these scenarios, consider seeking legal counsel before filing the case. Experienced insight into the incident can help prepare the necessary details or documents and address legal issues that may arise.