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New York False Claims Act and tax fraud Qui Tam litigation

As we've previously written on this blog, whistleblower or Qui Tam litigation is a means for those who have inside information regarding fraud to file a claim on behalf of the government. Qui Tam litigation allows whistleblowers to assist in holding the offending business liable for fraud and to obtain a reward for doing so.

Coming forward with a qui tam action could land you an award

In some cases, doing the right thing can put you in an awkward position. Situations that could severely impact your employment may make you second guess whether you should report the wrongdoing you have noticed. However, not providing information could potentially put you in a more difficult situation later on. As a result, you may have to make a stressful decision as to how you want to handle the predicament.

What exactly is a Qui Tam lawsuit?

If you've become concerned that your employer or a coworker is committing Medicaid or Medicare fraud, you may have done online research and come across the term "Qui Tam." Many times, employees discover cases of fraud are handled internally by Qui Tam lawsuits. In these cases, a whistleblower, such as yourself, who has noticed billing fraud, takes legal steps to put an end to the fraudulent practices. Unless your company offers a confidential whistleblower line to report these kinds of fraud, you may not have any options for handling it within the business.

Have you noticed time discrepancies in Medicaid billing?

There are many different forms of fraud that involve billing Medicaid. In some cases, a doctor, billing specialist or medical business will intentionally bill for drugs, procedures or services that were never administered or performed. In other cases, doctors or dentists perform unnecessary medical or dental procedures on unwitting patients. One of the less known forms of Medicaid fraud is time theft, where a doctor, therapist or other professional bills for time when no services were provided to the client.

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