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June 2017 Archives

The University of Rochester is ordered to repay Medicaid $100,000

The University of Rochester's Medical Center (URMC) has agreed to reimburse both the state and federal governments the $113,722.10 that they are alleged to have illegally pocketed. URMC is alleged to have violated both the New York False Claims Act as well as federal law when it improperly used a billing code in filing claims through its Flaum Eye Institute.

New York False Claims Act and tax fraud Qui Tam litigation, P.2

Last time, we mentioned that some states are currently looking at New York's whistleblower statute as a possible model for prosecuting tax fraud. As we noted, there are currently nine states which allow whistleblowers to pursue Qui Tam cases based on tax fraud. Not surprisingly, efforts to expand False Claims Act coverage to tax code violations are not universally supported.

Have you noticed time discrepancies in Medicaid billing?

There are many different forms of fraud that involve billing Medicaid. In some cases, a doctor, billing specialist or medical business will intentionally bill for drugs, procedures or services that were never administered or performed. In other cases, doctors or dentists perform unnecessary medical or dental procedures on unwitting patients. One of the less known forms of Medicaid fraud is time theft, where a doctor, therapist or other professional bills for time when no services were provided to the client.

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