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Portrait of a whistleblower

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2017 | False Claims Act

What kind of person contemplates blowing the whistle on his (or her) organization?

In the movies, whistleblowers are typically portrayed as heroic figures – risk-takers, with nerves of steel, ethical above all else.

In real life, it’s not so black and white. In our experience, whistleblowers are just normal people, who want the usual things from employment – stability, security, food on the table.

The future seems uncertain

Their great wish was to work for the company until retirement – the less drama, the better.

They may work in finance, or billing, or compliance – an area that lets them see up close how the company works.

Then they see something they aren’t supposed to see. Or the organization assumes they will just “go along with it.”

Suddenly they are in a very scary position. They typically face some degree of retaliation. They face losing their position, or being reassigned to an undesirable job or location, or even being made the fall guy for the fraudulent acts they report. It is very common to be terminated – or made to feel they are no longer welcome at the company.

The shadow of retaliation

In the worst cases, whistleblowers live in fear that something bad will happen to them or their families. Certainly, to their careers.

It is a very lonely, very stressful place to be.

When whistleblowers feel isolated and scared, they need to work with attorneys who know how rough the road can get.

At Fischer Legal Group, we work several objectives at once.

First, we stand by prospective whistleblowers. They are no longer alone in this nerve-wracking moment.

Second, we provide protection. Nothing strengthens your position like sharing dangerous information.

Third, we fix the future. Where you felt like you were staring into a career dead-end, we work to create the kind of compensation that builds confidence. You have more future, in fact, than the wrongdoers you are shining a light on.

Our message to would-be whistleblowers: Don’t go it alone. You don’t have to be a superhero. Work with professionals who have been down this road many times, and know how to move you through it, safe and secure.