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Don’t make these three mistakes in your whistleblower case

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2023 | Qui Tam Cases

If you’re aware of defense contractor fraud, overbilling of government contracts, Medicare fraud, or some other wrongdoing involving the government, then you probably feel compelled to speak out. Doing so can be scary, though, given the swift and harsh response you might face, especially given that any action taken against you could jeopardize your future.

That’s why a qui tam claim, also known as a whistleblower lawsuit, may be your best route. But as you start down that road, you’ll want to ensure that your case is as foolproof as possible. While this certainly means knowing the law and how to navigate it to your advantage, it also means avoiding mistakes that are commonly made in these sorts of cases.

Protecting your whistleblower case from unnecessary mistakes

Most whistleblowers have never been through a qui tam case before. As a result, they often make unintentional mistakes that jeopardize their case. Here are some of those errors that you’ll want to avoid:

  • Merely reporting wrongdoing through an employer, as that employer has an interest in silencing you and covering up their wrongdoing.
  • Merely reporting the fraud through a government hotline, as this may not fully protect your ability to recover compensation, and it may not lead to a full investigation of the wrongdoing that’s been reported.
  • Not gathering evidence that’s key to your case, including emails, text messages, and documentation of key events, as such information comes across your desk. You should keep these records on a rolling basis so that you don’t lose access to them if you’re fired from your job.

Do you need help building your whistleblower claim?

If so, don’t worry. There are ample resources available to help you build your case and fight for the award that you deserve for your bravery and courage in speaking out. But you can’t be lackadaisical in building and presenting your whistleblower case. Instead, you need to be intentional and proactive. Hopefully by doing so you’ll be able to create the compelling and persuasive legal arguments you need to win your case.