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Whistleblowers have new option to report suspected wrongdoing

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2024 | Whistleblower Protection

In New York, people who think they have knowledge of wrongdoing in their workplace, with an insurance provider or with the government are often unsure as to whether they should report it. Being a whistleblower is a big step, but there are rewards associated with it.

Those who successfully report illegal activity can receive financial compensation for it. They can also feel good about themselves for doing the right thing. Still, people might be hesitant. Recently, a new program was put in effect to alleviate people’s fears. It can even protect them from being caught up in the prosecution and facing charges themselves.

U.S. Attorneys’ plan would give whistleblowers new incentives

Whistleblowers are frequently dissuaded from coming forward because they are fearful of being implicated. This is one of the major obstacles to people speaking up. The U.S. Attorneys in New York are offering people the opportunity to become a whistleblower and avoid prosecution if they were somehow involved in the illegal behavior.

This will be available to anyone who believes there is corruption in the public or private sector. The whistleblower could even have taken part in the activity. Reporting it will free them from facing legal ramifications. This is not for people in positions of power and those who were overseeing the activity, but for those in lower-level jobs who could be caught up in fraud or other crimes.

Major cases often have whistleblowers who stepped up and reported what they knew. This is not a drastic change in strategy, but an attempt to let people know they have the option of becoming a whistleblower.

Whistleblowers should still have legal protection

Even with this new program, choosing to become a whistleblower is never easy. Despite the federal prosecutors’ attempts to smooth the process, people will inevitably have questions about how they can be impacted by reporting what they know.

Those who do so have various protections including not being punished for speaking up and a financial award from the recovery. When considering how to move forward, it is essential to have advice on being protected from negative consequences related to whistleblowing.