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Why do some people whistleblow while others remain silent?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2024 | Whistleblower Protection

If you are considering blowing the whistle on the company you work for, you’re likely cautious about preceding. You may fear losing your job or suffering other forms of illegal retaliation.

Perhaps it’s your colleagues’ reactions you are worried about. Will they refuse to ever speak to you again? Or will they congratulate you for doing something they were never brave enough to do themselves and perhaps offer supporting evidence?

Whistleblowers value the truth more than most

A Psychology Today article recently examined what motivates some people to blow the whistle while others do not. Plenty of people are willing to ignore a truth that is right in front of their eyes. They benefit from doing that in some way, whether financially or just because it avoids conflict. Some people’s conscience does not allow them to stay silent.

Whistleblowers tend to come from the peripheries

Someone at the center of things who feels they are an integral part of the company or of the group that has acted improperly is less likely to blow the whistle than someone on the outside. That may be because they feel they have more to lose and will hurt more people close to them or because they do not have enough perspective to understand that what is happening is wrong.

The article also found that whistleblowers do better when they have allies. Not only can it lend credibility to their account, but it can provide emotional support. There’s also safety in numbers – an employer is less likely to retaliate against a group of whistleblowers than a singular one.

If you are willing to be the first to step up and expose wrongdoing, it’s wise to get legal help to learn more about how the whistleblowing process works, the protections available and how you might encourage others to join you in your quest to tell the truth.