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Beware the covert counterstrike after blowing the whistle

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2024 | Whistleblower Protection

Whistleblowers take a risk when they expose wrongdoing, facing potential retaliation for speaking out. Lawmakers have enacted laws that protect whistleblowers. However, sometimes mistreatment occurs anyway.

Retaliation can be sneaky enough to make you wonder if you are imagining it, but chances are, your instincts are correct. Do not be lulled into false confidence by a lack of immediate blowback after retaliating. Your fight for justice may continue in the shadows.

Some retaliation is easy to identify. For example, the boss may fire a whistleblower without a valid reason. But since most employers know this is unlawful, they often try to get back at whistleblowers in subtler ways, like these.

Schedule shuffle

Work schedules suddenly change, and prime shifts disappear, replaced by late nights or weekends. It may seem insignificant, but it can disrupt your routine and work-life balance.

Performance charade

Previously overlooked missteps become magnified while strengths are downplayed, possibly creating a trail of poor performance reviews to support future termination or demotion.

Tarnished reputation

Are you looking for greener pastures after blowing the whistle? Be wary, as poor company references may follow you, hindering employment prospects.

Silent treatment

Meeting invitations and project updates may end after blowing the whistle. Communication with colleagues may be discouraged, resulting in ostracization, with your voice effectively muted.

Perk purge

Work extras like expense accounts and high-limit company credit cards may vanish, potentially adding hardships to your workday.

Whistleblowing exposes wrongdoing for the greater good, but it is natural to fear possible consequences. Having experienced whistleblower protection legal guidance can help you hold your employer accountable if they violate your rights.