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Partnership disputes can spawn complex litigation

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2017 | Commercial Litigation

Businesses face enough issues from the outside world. The last thing that any business wants is an issue internally among executives, partners or employees. This can cause strife among workers and make it much more difficult for a business to achieve what it wants. Unfortunately, internal disputes can arise that dramatically affect a company. Partnership disputes are one form of these internal disputes.

When a partnership comes under fire due to disagreements between partners over the direction of the company; or because one of the partners acted negligently or even illegally; or if one of the partners bring formal litigation against the other partners and, thus, the company; then it is essential for the company to be prepared to resolve this issue.

Usually when partnerships draw up their agreement to become a partnership, they have provisions in the agreement that directly address any potential disputes that could arise. However, this doesn’t guarantee that litigation won’t be brought. When partners have a dispute and the issue is taken to court, it is in the best interest of the company to have strong, experienced legal counsel to ensure all of their questions are answered and all of their rights are protected.

At the Fischer Legal Group, we have experience representing clients embroiled in complicated business litigation. Whether it is a partnership dispute, a breach of contract, a leasing issue or a whistleblower claim, our attorneys can help answer your questions about your case and represent you in court during complex legal proceedings.