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Are there IRS incentives for whistleblowers?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2024 | Whistleblower Protection

The Internal Revenue Service operates a Whistleblower Office that offers financial rewards to individuals who furnish credible information about tax non-compliance. The IRS Whistleblower Office plays a pivotal role in uncovering and addressing tax evasion, thereby upholding the integrity of the tax system.

If the IRS successfully acts on the provided intelligence, whistleblowers may be entitled to a monetary award ranging from 15% to 30% of the collected proceeds. This is a powerful IRS incentive for whistleblowers, and whistleblower disclosures have a profound impact on tax compliance and fund recovery.

Who qualifies and how to claim

To qualify for a reward, whistleblowers must submit a detailed report using IRS Form 211. This must be accompanied by evidence substantiating the alleged tax noncompliance. Stringent eligibility criteria and submission guidelines are in place to ensure that only substantial information is rewarded.

Shielding whistleblowers: legal safeguards

Whistleblowers are accorded legal protections by the IRS. This includes confidentiality and safeguards against retaliation. These measures are essential in fostering an environment where individuals feel safe to come forward with crucial information.

Pillars of tax compliance

Whistleblowers are indispensable allies for the IRS in combating tax fraud and underpayments. By offering incentives, the IRS encourages individuals to disclose significant and credible information that might otherwise go undetected.

The IRS Whistleblower Program serves as a catalyst for individuals to aid in enforcing tax laws. Through this initiative, whistleblowers not only help narrow the tax gap, but also uphold the fairness and integrity of the tax regime.