Whistleblowers involved in cases of recent aviation crashes
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Whistleblowers involved in cases of recent aviation crashes

On Behalf of | May 14, 2019 | Whistleblower Protection

When a whistleblower decides to voice their concerns, they take a great risk with the hope that they can benefit and protect others. Unfortunately, things do not always turn out how they plan.

Big corporations often ignore whistleblowers. And sometimes, their claims are overlooked. This might have been the case with the whistleblowers from Boeing.

What are the details?

Many people know about the worldwide accidents involving Boeing 737 Max Jets. They are frequently on the news nowadays. 

However, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) knew about potential issues within Boeing since 2017. That is because dozens of whistleblowers reported concerns to the FAA in the past few years.

These reports included both the Boeing 737 as well as the 787 Dreamliner. Whistleblowers believed airline passengers would be at risk when they reported:

  • Improper manufacturing
  • Pressure to ignore safety standards
  • Debris inside new airplanes

Boeing inspectors said these planes were safe, but the FAA found the debris from the whistleblowers’ report when they conducted their own investigation.

Were whistleblowers ignored?

It is clear that the FAA did not ignore the whistleblowers’ claims. However, CBS reports that Boeing knew about the whistleblowers’ concerns. And they did nothing.

The CBS article also reports that airlines are taking measures to improve safety now, but that is only after three serious incidents involving Boeing planes. Many Boeing planes are now grounded until the FAA concludes the investigation.

It is clear that whistleblowers face many obstacles

Although Fischer Legal Group is not involved in this case, the situation reveals one of the main challenges—and frustrations—that many whistleblowers face: their reports do not always bring fast results.

The process that follows an initial report can be a long one. There are often:

  • Interviews about the claims
  • Investigations to collect evidence
  • A potential trial after the investigation

The reports about Boeing date back to before 2017. And the FAA is still investigating these claims today. Even though whistleblowers started reporting the dangers nearly two years ago, many people are still suffering losses today.

That is not to say the whistleblowers had no impact on the situation. They did. The results only surfaced recently for the public because of how extensive and complex whistleblower investigations can be, especially when they involve companies as large as Boeing.